Fallen ❤
By ArmyAgnajita
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{<The cover is by vividly dreaming. She has been tagged in the story>} First day in her new university was anything but normal. Austin blackmailed her to go out with him. Blake was sent to St Paul's university in Paris. Paris was her dream like anybody else's. St Paul's university was a hostel university where people from different parts of the world could stay. After a lot of hard work finally her single mom was able to sent her there. First day everything was going normal and smooth for her until Austin blackmailed her to go out with him. Austin on the other hand was on a bet. The bet was "only if he was able to get in her pants he would get back his place in BBC aka bachelor boys' club." What happens when they fall in love with each other?

Chapter One ❤

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Fallen ?...
by ArmyAgnajita