The Stars Call
By Birdpaw
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(The Stars Call is the first book in the series! The next book is The Blood Moon) Wonderful cover by AmiraAshraf- After a long, arduous war between the Galactic Sanctum and the First Insurgency, the galaxy is at peace, or so it seems on the surface. In the underbelly and result of unending wars, a virus ravages across the span of the galaxy, destroying everything it touches - becoming known as a living nightmare, unable to stop it, the Sanctum has turned to mercenaries to solve it. Through the eyes of a group of mercenaries, employed by the Sanctum and tasked with researching the virus, faces a harsh truth about the people around them, along with a microscopic monster casting a large shadow. It turns out humanity's destruction was always closer to home. Was a featured story on Wattpad's featured list, and was long-listed for the Watty's2018! #TalentAwards2018


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The Stars...
by Birdpaw