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By BobbieKinkead
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The tales will follow an emotional theme, A = Able, B = Bold, C = Clever. A good story brings out this emotional premise. Remember, we connect to a story because of pity, identification, sentimentalism, suffering, struggle, or recovery. A story is a look at our self. A story is believed with all the enhancements, fabrication, embroidery, and re-imaging used by the storyteller. We connect to other countries, worlds, and realities in other times and places or now through FABLES, FOLKTALES, FAIRY TALES, LEGENDS, AND MYTHS about kings, queens, sorceresses, magicians, princesses, and princes, fairies, elves, trolls, giants, men, women, villains or monsters having MAGICAL creatures: frogs, birds, snakes, cats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears, dragons or mythical beasts in live faraway kingdoms or dynasties on farms, in towns, in palaces, and castles in deep forests, deserts, thick jungles, on high mountains or in busy cities by rushing rivers, the vast ocean and seas, in the expansive sky or the milky-way where heroes, heroines, gods, goddesses, or plain everyday folk and animals travel through and in other realms. STORY resonated in our bones from the ancient past with time-honored plots.

The Prairie Hen

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by BobbieKinkead