Poisonous Veins
By tasnim_noshin
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Pan·de·mo·ni·um /ˌpandəˈmōnēəm/ noun wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar. Ameture Agent Venus Faye has never thought one night can change her life so drastically. Nevertheless, when she uncovers a mutated girl slowly decaying in front of her, she must find a way to the truth. Especially after the government that she protects tries to keep this a secret and get rid of Venus. Watch as this low-class agent gets pulled into tidal waves of dilemmas after this one incident. Venus will have to dive into problems she never fathomed she would encounter. Love. Revenge. Murder. Betrayal. Hidden secrets and dark pasts being unveiled at every corner. Will she be pushed under the crashing waves of never-ending complications of her life or will she swim through it? Will she meet her demise in the rocky sea bottom below or will she feel the sweet relief of air filling her lungs once more? Even on solid land, Venus knows you don't need water to feel like you're drowning. ↞ ↜ Reviews ↝ ↠ "Poisonous Veins is a thrilling action story with a very charming and funny main character. The chapters leave you wondering what's going to happen next, and the plot is something I've personally never read before. Although the beginning kinda throws you into the story, you won't be coming out until you've finished this book!" - @Addie_Belle "First off, I love Faye; she comes off as a very strong character already. The contrast between the pair is also clear and I definitely feel the tension between them. The dialogue was super engaging and enjoyable (: " - @rivverdale "Okay, I will straight out say I have fallen in love with this book. I love love love all the descriptions, metaphors, and it's literally so great. To be honest, this is so good...I think it can be literally published book material. The plot is ah-ma-zing." - @shadowhunterstan © 2017 Tasnim Noshin. All rights reserved.

I: Dark Waters

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