The Ruthless Alpha...
By LoveMysteries
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"Get the fuck out of here! I don't need you!" Alpha Kaden barked at his mate, his tone cold as ice. AJ looked at him in shock but in seconds, her face turned into the calm emotionless mask she was so used to. "What did you say?" She pronounced her words slowly and carefully making him feel insulted. But what he didn't know is that AJ was giving him a chance to reconsider his words. If he didn't say the right words then she was done with this bullshit! She finally had enough after all these months and this was the last strike. "What, you've gone deaf now?!" He sneered at his now silent mate. He could feel her rage and hurt through the mate bond but he was far too angry to care. He's done it now. Without even realising it he had ended whatever little hope she had for their relationship. She looked down at the paper filled with names of the people she suspected of treason against his pack and threw it to the Beta who was stood on the side of the room shocked in silence at their argument. He seemed to want to intervene and she knew what he wanted to say but he couldn't because she had commanded him not to. If she hadn't then he would have told her mate who she really was. But she didn't trust her mate enough to tell him her secrets and seeing the situation, she probably never will. "As you wish Alpha Kaden. That is a list of traitors that I kept an eye on. They might be involved with the murder of your uncle." With that, she walked out of his office and most importantly out of his life. If only her mate wasn't so busy worrying about the list she gave him then he would have noticed that for the first time she had addressed him by his title and not by 'alpha mate' as she had since they had met. After all, we don't realise what we have till it's gone. And that's what happened to Abrahan Rosso Kaden, after months of hurt, his mate finally left him. Will he see her again? Will he be able to show his regret to her when he finally finds her?

The Ruthless Alpha Female

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The Ruthl...
by LoveMysteries