Presidents, Spies...
By bellav173
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What if you one day fell in love with a boy you weren't supposed to? What if that boy was your employers son? Seventeen year old Ember Rhinehart has been raised to become a CIA operative. Training ever since she could walk, she knows sixteen languages and has black belts in mixed martial arts, karate, and jiu-jitsu. She never knew her parents. Being enrolled into the CIA's top-secret operative development project (called Project N), she was taken from her parents due to the unstable household they ran...or so she is told. She doesn't know much about them. Not even their names. She's trusted the CIA her whole life. The agency sent her to one of their designated foster homes for more agents-in-training enrolled in Project N. Fed her. Protected her. Educated her. Cared for her. But, when Ember is assigned to keep watch on the First Family, she has to deal with so much more than being caught on a mission. With a spoiled teenage daughter and two sons (one of which is addicted to sex and alcohol), the McGallen's aren't the picture-perfect family America believes them to be. But, one day, Ember falls in love with President McGallen's mysterious third son that nobody knew about from a past relationship. He shows up at the White House and is immediately brought into the family, but his appearance is surrounded by scandal that could ruin the McGallen family's campaign for good. With a second election on the horizon, will Ember be able to help the McGallen's clear their name? Or will she lose everything, including McGallen son #3?

Presidents, Spies, and Boys Oh My!

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by bellav173