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*COVER HAS BEEN EDITED* No smut, but I'll go as far as a few minutely cheeky words. Basically Reader insert 1 shots with characters, either Requested by you lovelies, or just some idea I came up with in my head. I'll try dedicating my requests where I can :). Oh I'm also happy to do Preferences too! I'll probably end up doing them automatically without request to show you and if you don't want them then I'll stop. OH also if you wonder why some show the seasons and some dont it's because they're all set at different points but some happen to be related to time-specific characters who've made relevant changes in themselves or in where they are over time, whereas others may be more general and not in need of season clarification. If I think there's gonna be a big, season 6+ spoiler I'll mention but I might not put it in the title. Any questions just pop them in the comments! I'm open for ANY character at all, Male or Female, in any type of relationship- friends, enemies, romance. Request anyone or anything you want me to add! And request any Canon One Shots you want too and as little to as much detail you want to go with it ^^ By the way I live on requests and I absolutely love getting new ones!


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GOT ➨...
by notvxncey