Tales from under th...
By animeislife1011
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A captain named Levi who doesn't believe in mermans but then when he falls off his ship sinking his vision becomes blurry as he slightly sees a mermaid...no an merman who saves his life but Instead of Levi letting him leave he captured him and gave him to hanji to experiment on this merman. Problem is he won't talk won't listen and won't move from where he is how can hanji experiment on him ??? And how will they sell this merman? What will the mermans family do? A war!?!? Will he die!?! Will captain Levi fall in love with this thing!! Read to find out!?!? (LOL SORRY A REALLY DUMB DESCRIPTION. BUT READ IT U WILL FIND THIS STORY VERY AMUSING AMD GREAT EVEN KINKY -wink wink-

Captain levi

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Tales fro...
by animeislife1011