Green Eyes and a Mi...
By TomHiddlesLoki
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After Loki was brought back from Midgard, he was a trial held for him to determine his punishment. For his actions against Midgard, he was to be put to death. But Frigga would not allow it, instead Loki was banished to Earth to learn to live and love the mortals he attempted to conquer. Once he shows he can truly live like a mortal and exhibit mortal qualities Odin would lift his banishment. But if Loki wanted to come back to Asgard, he couldn't mess up even once or it would mean his death. But slipping up isn't his only problem. Odin stripped him of his magic and SHIELD will kill him if they find him on Earth. Can Loki prove himself worthy to go back to Asgard and live the life of the prince he was or is he doomed to fail? Will mortals accept him? Will Loki find love in Midgard, or will he be shunned by all? Avery is a nurse in the local hospital of a little town near New York City. As she's driving home one day she runs over a man who's strangely dressed and has strange ways. She soon realizes exactly who this man is. Even though she knows the distraction this man caused she takes him home because he's injured and as a nurse, she felt the need to help him. What will happen to the two? Will she learn to accept Loki? And maybe even love him? Read to find out DISCLAIMER: I dont own Loki or the Avengers, I only own Avery and the plot line.

Green Eyes and a Mischievous Heart (Loki Fan fiction)

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Green Eye...
by TomHiddlesLoki