Primitive Instincts
By Minty1254
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~ My skin prickled from the odd sensation of the warmth radiating off of him like an oven, I could smell him from this close and trust me when I tell you he smelt good. Like baked apple slices sprinkled with sugar as well as cinnamon and the spicy musk of sandal wood. I just wanted to close my eyes and fill my nose with his scent, so that's exactly what I did. At least I'd smell something nice before I die. I swear I heard someone groan as I inhaled his intoxicatingly perfect scent, maybe my ears need to be checked. I felt something graze the skin of my neck and prepared myself for the end, I knew any moment a pair of sharp jaws would clamp down on my neck and crush the life out of me. I squeezed my eyes even tighter and contracted every muscle in my body awaiting my end. I waited. Still waiting... Can't he just hurry up and kill me already. I looked up at him and saw one of the most shocking sights I've ever seen. Alpha Hunter had his eyes close and was in the midst of deeply inhaling the scent from my neck, let's just say my jaw hit the floor at such a sight. Please tell me this isn't happening. "Ladies and gentlemen I do believe Alpha Hunter of the Red Druids pack has found his mate, if he chooses to accept her." Microphone guy announced his voice dripping with disbelief. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aspen a badass she-wolf soon discovers her fate may not be a glorious victory, but a struggle like none other. It seems her future has been closely entwined with Alpha Hunter Bloodmoon, also known as the Shadow Alpha. His skin is rumoured to be unbreakable, his teeth as sharp as knives, his eyes as deadly as nightshade. Taking over territories in a single night and leaving nothing more but an empty battlefield. How will Aspen learn to destroy Hunter's icy exterior? Or will it destroy her? Get ready for a story filled with action, fighting, romance, betrayal, swearing, and DEATH!


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by Minty1254