Poker Face
By Camlaaarr
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Since their band took off and landed its first major record deal, the four remaining members of Blackjack have been living their dreams. For Sass, it's flirting with every woman she can get her hands on. For Taiven, it's writing her own solo album. For Brooke, it's getting married to her long-term girlfriend. For Kelsi, it's seeing everything she wanted to see in the world. Despite their drummer quitting shortly after their first album, the girls have it all, and yet all of them feel so out of touch with reality. Secrets lies just underneath the surface of their band-relationship, so what will happen when the secrets start to become too much to control? When faced with a serious illness, will Sass finally admit that she's in love with newlywed Brooke? When Taiven meets a girl, will her career get in the way? Will Brooke hold onto a rocky marriage, or let it all go? And will Kelsi finally accept herself for her asexuality and stop trying to hide her true self? Four young women, four lives, four friends, one band, but how much drama can one group of friends take?

Chapter One - Kelsi

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Poker Face
by Camlaaarr