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By Sincerely_Yours_Stan
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"I want to give you a better life, here, with me. I want to give you the life you deserve, a life that your brother would want for you-the life that I want for you- I want to give it to you." He said. _______________ He was Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one who was seduced by the dark side of the force and became the most feared man on the Galaxy, Darth Vader. However, under the mask his burns healed, leaving only small scars as remembrance, his breathing became better, he no longer needed his mask; but it came across as intimidating. Darth Vader arranges with Boba Fett for (Y/N), an old acquaintance of his, to be brought to him immediately. He wishes for her to rule to galaxy by his side. Anakin has been buried under that mask, almost dead, for too long, (Y/N) will awaken the boy who hated sand.


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Join Me...
by Sincerely_Yours_Stan