Living with the Nei...
By IrumBashir
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This isn't your typical nerdy girl falls in love with the jock book ... what happens when you put bad with new? Meet Lexi Reed, the 18 year old rebellious party animal, all her life she has disobeyed her parents, but for the past 4 months she has been on lockdown studying for her finals, what will happen when she gets the grades she wants and gets the most shocking news of her life. Being forced to move in with her 4 HOT Neighbours when her parents go AWOL. Will she settle down? or will she go back to getting arrested, drinking and partying. A thrilling dramatic story with many bumps in the road. 1 girl best friend. 7 guy best friends and 4 new Neighbours.... (Not Edited yet, so excuse any small mistakes) xx

Noisy Neighbours

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Living wi...
by IrumBashir