Element Guardians *...
By RimUranium
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After almost drowning, Rosella Alcot makes a discovery at the bottom of Lake Halloway that starts off a chain of events that would change hers and the lives of her friends forever. Relying on a guide that speaks in riddles and their natural instincts, Rosella, her brother Cale and their friends Ashleigh and Felix embark on a quest with an impending war against an otherworldly race that threatens their realm's very existence. With the fate of the realm resting in the hands of the Element Guardians, the four adolescents will find that with great power comes great responsibility. Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved RimUranium Note: I have started editing and some of you have begun to read it then have gotten extremely confused which I apologise for so I've put the original back up until I'm ready to commit to a long edit of the entire thing. My apologies for the confusion >.<

1 ~ Unfortunate

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