Hold Me Tight - Ste...
By mysterygirl1505
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"How do you do this to me? How come even if I leave you a thousand times, it would hurt me as much or even more than it did the first? How come even though we're meant to be with other people, I'm drawn to you? Ever since the day I met you, I knew you'd be apart of my life but how did you become my life? I love you and I'm scared. I'm scared because you have a hold on me and one day if you let me go, I don't know if I'd survive." ------------------------------------------------------ What will happen when 17 year old, Kyra Thompson, finds out about the supernatural world in Mystic Falls? Kyra is a normal girl who lives in Mystic Falls, however when one of her best friends, Elena Gilbert, gets thrown into the vampire world, she soon follows. Note: I do no own any of the characters apart from Kyra. Also, this is my first story so sorry for if its not very good, this is more of a learning curve so read on and I hope you find it better than the beginning.

New Beginning.

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Hold Me T...
by mysterygirl1505