Big Yellow Taxi [Ha...
By stilesstillinski
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[SLOW UPDATES] They say love works in mysterious ways, how it can twist and turn mysteriously and wind you up in the most insane of situations. They say it, and I sure as hell believe it. It’s got to be true, or I wouldn’t have ended up riding in a taxicab all night, sharing a milkshake with and bathing in a fountain with Harry Styles. And I sure as hell wouldn’t have been willing to do it all over again, either –at least, I wouldn’t say it out loud. Lucy Fitzgerald’s far from cookie cutter life was about to get a lot more crumbled, after meeting the one and only Harry Styles in a taxi in London, she can’t seem to shake the boy. For Lucy, it was a night of fun, but for Harry, it was something more. Now, Lucy wants nothing more than to get back to her life as a makeup artist, while Harry can barely keep the girl off his mind. But don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone? Cover by Alexandra Joy


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Big Yello...
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