The Ivory Weapons:...
By mortalflaw101
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Clary has everything she has ever wanted; Jace, Simon, her mom and Luke . Even her brother; Jonathan. However, in Clary's desperate attempts to turn her brother good, without killing him, she set out a great evil upon the world. Someone is out there, with the same mind as Sebastian, but it is even worse then they thought imaginable. This person, is stronger and more clever then Sebastian ever was, and has access to power he never had. Now, they have to right the wrong they have created. Clary must allow new people into her life, she must figure out how to correct her grave mistake. It is a long journey ahead of her and there will be hurt, lost, betrayal, and romance brewing. THIS IS THE 2ND BOOK IN THE IVORY WEAPONS SERIES. DO NOT READ THIS WITHOUT READING THE FIRST ONE, PLEASE, IT'S LOGIC.

Chapter One: A Summer's Dream

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The Ivory...
by mortalflaw101