The Kiss of Winter...
By AnnieRosebud
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There has been a rivalry between the two kingdoms of Cilion and Lydonia, that has been going on for ages. But they've never been closer to a war than now. Political reasons and the need for an ally against the enemy, are forcing Reneth, Crown Prince and heir to the throne of Cilion to marry a complete stranger, a beautiful but fathomless girl. But destiny seems to have other plans with him and instead he's thrown into the way of another beautiful woman, a mysterious girl, who lives in the depths of the Winter Forest all by herself. The Winter Princess. | Book One in the Astea Chronicles | **This story is a tangled knot of chaos so most of it has been unpublished and needs sorting out. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

Author's Note & Map

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The Kiss...
by AnnieRosebud