Opia (Ichigo x read...
By ichigokur0saki
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During when the Bounts are attacking the Soul Society, Ichigo meets someone. At first sight he knows that she is special and needs to protect her over everything else. Over time they grow closer. Ichigo begins to train her for the evils of this world, so she can protect herself when he is away. Eventually they fall in love. Becoming inseparable. An Ichigo Kurosaki x reader fic. Somethings might not line up exactly with the story but thats okay. I'm trying to make this differentiate from other x reader fics. Trying to make if unique. The beginning of the story starts during the bount arc and unfolds from there. Some lemon parts will he included so maybe an older audience (I can't help myself). The definition of the title is, if you were wondering what it means: Opia - The ambiguous intensity of Looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

First sight

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Opia (Ich...
by ichigokur0saki