The Secret (BTS x R...
By FcknJoyce
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You were casted into BigHit entertainment to become a male idol. But you aren't a male... So you hide your gender from BTS while you train with them. What would happen if they found out you were female? Would they ever find out, or will you hide your secret forever? Will you fall for one of the members, even if you're suppose to be a male? After debut, you'll have to give fan service with the members, will one really fall for you then? ~ Reminder: Yes, I'll be changing your name to be a male, and I'll choose your stage name. Although it is a reader insert, I will be inserting more facts. I'll try my best to not change BTS as much, considering it will be 8 members and not 7. If that's okay with you guys? ~ I do not own the members, I do not own BigHit Entertainment.


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The Secre...
by FcknJoyce