The Icon Unbound
By FarFlungDreams
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[COMPLETE] A Novel of the Bloody Saints:: Mirrah, a young girl from a broken family, cut out her living heart for the power to protect her people. That sacrifice gave her enormous power over the elements, over the very spirit of her realm. The cost was dear. Now she is bound to the land, and unable to hate, or fear, or love. Every act whittles away the time she has left, so any moment could be her last. She even gave up her name to become THE ICON. It was supposed to be an HONOR. It was supposed to be a BLESSING. But slowly she comes to realize that she has been lied to. There are dark secrets just under the surface of the world, and behind the shield she holds, an old enemy waits to STRIKE. Somehow, this Icon must face the terrible truth of the world she inherited. She must regain what was lost without succumbing to the same fate as every Icon has before her. The darkness rises, and she must face it, or become what her people feared more... THE ICON UNBOUND. Rated Mature-- For Violence. This is a fantasy folks, and there is blood-magic. If knives and blood are a trigger for you, please do not read this. Work-- Complete. Chapters will be edited and re-posted. Cover -- MJ Erickson

Chapter One, Part A - Mirrah

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The Icon...
by FarFlungDreams