Pivotal Moments (In...
By trinityhanrahan
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[SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY -- Removed for publication] ** Please do not promote your story within the comments of my works ** Pivotal Moments by Trinity Hanrahan is the first novel in the touching romance series "In Time." It has been used as part of the promotional campaign for the major motion picture The Duff (@theduffmovie) and the brand name @Athenos. It also made it as one of the Top Ten finalist for the @thewriteaffair publishing contest that was held between Wattpad and Kensington Press. * * * * * A senior in high school, introvert Aislinn Munroe is satisfied living unnoticed... Aislinn is doing the normal post-high school preparations to get into college. She's getting ready for a life beyond senior year, and wonders where she'll fit in to the world once she's officially an adult. Though her curves are to kill for, she's also smart and funny. However, she isn't at all popular, which is just fine with her. Aislinn's introverted ways are about to be put to the test... Content with hiding from the limelight, Aislinn doesn't get bullied like so many other shy kids do-that is, as long as she keeps to herself. But is she really living the life she's meant to? Or are there unforeseen adventures waiting to shake up her life in the near future? When her brother comes home from college, he brings an unexpected houseguest... Teagan Aldridge is a reformed party animal, ladies' man, and bad boy. He's the last person Aislinn thought would ever show her attention. But when Aislinn and Teagan become unlikely friends, he brings out a side of herself she never knew existed. She already knows she's special, but sexy and adventurous? That's a first. Are their personalities too far apart, or will opposites attract, making them an unusual, but influential pair? When their vast differences collide, Aislinn is led to some unexpected... Pivotal Moments

Pivotal Moments (Book 1 of In Time Series)

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Pivotal M...
by trinityhanrahan