Erin (The New Age S...
By Menky100_Write
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"There was nights, though ever rare, where she did not feel the cold, or hear the wind, or see the violent storm around her. Seeing, perhaps, only her own terrible flaws and mistakes, only knowing that scared, helpless little girl, who had lost everything" Erin is the last of her kind, an Elfin Healer who never knew her real parents, she was adopted by The King, but then, in a tragic accident, he died. Erin was left with a broken heart and has been used as a power play tool, a pawn to the king's brother and the court. She soon is drawn into a conflict of Murder, Gods, and a mysterious girl who keep on breaking through her defenses. She finds that the girl she used to have dreams of as a little girl, maybe more than just a figment of her imagination. She is lost and confused, and tries to find a way to protect those she once loved, the ones she has now come to love, and seek the truth of those she loved long gone.

Part One

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Erin (The...
by Menky100_Write