Prince Hunter
By _wayward_
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I know you've all read Stories about a king and queen giving birth to a first son which is the prince. Then he falls in love with his mate and they live happily ever after. Well this is not that kind of story. Anna is a sheltered but depressed girl who constantly gets abused by her aunt who raised her. Then one day the beatings stop because Anna finally defends herself. She begans to think her life will now be peaceful until her aunt hired men to kidnap Anna and somehow she ends up in the woods on the wrong Alphas land. Suddenly her "normal" life gets wripped away from her, it gets snatched from right under her toes and everything in her life gets transformed all because of some guy. Well of course not just any guy... Who is it may you ask? The richest and most powerful but darkest of them all... The one your parents warned you about, the only reason why you are not aloud in the woods. Prince Hunter.

1 |King Hughes Territory|

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Prince Hu...
by _wayward_