Seeing Darkness (Le...
By EreriForever839
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Eren and Levi are back. 2 years after Eren returning from his capture, Levi and Eren are planning to get married. Although Eren worries about Levi since Eren's not going to turn into a vampire. Which means Eren might die! Meanwhile, Levi is out for revenge on Petra. But Levi isn't the only one out for blood. Eren's sister, Mikasa is out to get Eren back. But between all of these skirmishes, something lies in the darkness, waiting to come out. And then, Eren must face a terrible choice of fate. Will he become Levi's full mate and live happily ever after? Will he return to the place where there's no room for the weak? Or, will he descend into the darkest pits of despair and never come back?

Chapter 1~Introduction

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Seeing Da...
by EreriForever839