The Medusa Deception
By lindatemple
  • Fantasy
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  • athena
  • daughter
  • demigod
  • fantasy
  • goddesses
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  • immortal
  • medusa
  • mythology
  • newadult
  • olympus
  • poseidon
  • thriller
  • zeus


What would you do if, suddenly, you found yourself in ancient Greece? / When Mandy Burkhardt, a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago, blacks out and lives chapters right out of an ancient Greek mythology book, she chalks it up to vivid dreams. But soon her denial is shattered, forcing her to face the reality of her strange and perilous journeys to a barbaric time of witches and gods, gorgons and oracles, where escalating violence threatens to crush her. As the episodes continue, Mandy pairs up with new friend and college student, Ryan Taylor, to find out what's happening to her and why. In the process, they become the object of a cult's attention, intrigued by her special gift. Caged, trussed, shackled, and hunted, Mandy must come to terms with her past and fight for her future in a bloody battle to the finish with even more at stake than she knows. * * * Bringing legend back to life in this present-day fantasy thriller, the Medusa Deception gives readers a glimpse of ancient Greece and the gods - their thirst for power and revenge - their treachery and lies.

Chapter 1

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The Medus...
by lindatemple