The Last Cut {u n d...
By read_alot
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Cassie's been through a lot. From getting adopted to an abusive alcoholic to now getting a new Step-mother named Karen and Step-brother, named Alex. Cassie can't help but develop feelings for him. Soon, Cassie's real father trys to contact her. She's so confused and broken that all she wants to do is die. She has a date and a time to commit suicide. The day of her suicidal attempt is also the day that Alex is planning to tell Cassie how he really feels about her. That day is also the day when her real father wants to surprise her. That same day is also the day that her abusive father realizes what he's done is wrong and is planning to apologize. Will they make it before Cassie slices through The Last Cut? {WARNING: I WROTE THIS STORY IN 2012 AND I WAS VERY YOUNG. IT WAS MY FIRST STORY AND IT HAS A LOT OF GRAMMAR ERRORS THAT WILL NOT BE FIXED. THIS IS WHY I CREATED A NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION. JUST GO UNDER 'MY WORKS' AND FIND IT. THIS STORY ALSO HAS DISTURBING CONTENT THAT CONTAINS ABUSIVE AND GRAPHIC SCENES. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. THANK YOU} *UNDER MAIN CONSTRUCTION*

The Last Cut

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The Last...
by read_alot