In the moonlight...
By MysticAllen
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Selene Violet is a werewolf. As a child she was a member of the famous Hale pack, but that was 6 years ago before they were all almost killed in a violent fire. The surviving members of the Hale pack moved away from Beacon Hills in hopes to start a new, but when Laura Hale disappeared, Derek Hale and Selene are dragged back to Beacon Hills. Instead of finding answers they just end up with more questions. When Selene meets the human named Stiles there is something inside of her that awakens. She isn't sure what it is but she is determined to figure it out. There is something about him that she cant resist and quite possibly... He can't resist her either. -------------------- This book is based on Series 1 and 2 of teen wolf. Some of the dialogue is the same, some is different. SEQUEL IS CALLED "ANGEL IN DISGUISE" I own nothing but Selene and her words. The rest belong to the amazing Jeff Davis.

*Chapter 1*

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In the mo...
by MysticAllen