To Infinity and Bey...
By MamCari
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"I'm so glad that my previous relationship didn't work-out because I ended up having you and if I will have to wait all over again just to get you, I don't care because you are always worth it." -Mr. Jeric Tan "Meeting you is the best and the sweetest history in my entire life. You made me realize that fairytales do come true when I have you and I'm so glad that our story ended up with a happily ever after." -Ms. Carrie Geronimo "It doesn't matter how long it takes, whatever happens or who you've become. In the end, you will always find your way back to the person you were meant to be with and you will share your life until both of you grow old together and fulfill the promise of 'to infinity and beyond'..."

To Infinity and Beyond 1

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To Infini...
by MamCari