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*Alec is bisexual in this, if you have any hate please go elsewhere. I don't like writing as a guy, otherwise I would, but I like writing as a female. So, he still is in love with Jace, but he falls in love with Alanna too.* Alanna Lewis is nothing like her brother. She's sarcastic, beautiful, even more talented, but still very intellegent. Every boy is attracted to her, but she doesn't believe in love. She never has, and that is why Alec Lightwood has his eyes set on the girl who doesn't take his crap. She will do anything to protect her best friend Clary and her brother Simon, but having to choose between a shadowhunter who's heart doesn't completely belong to her and her own brother is something she'd never want to do. Because no matter how hard the universe is pushing her towards him, she would never pick anyone over her brother. Not even if Fate is telling her to. In a world between mundanes, demons, and the supernatural Alanna must choose where her alliance lies. No one is safe, not even the Lewis twin. Because Alec isn't the only semi-supernatural out for her heart. Nothing will ever be the same in... Fate. *EXTREMELY slow updates*


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