Just a Matter of Ti...
By consumethefandoms
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Allison Gomez Scott is a 16 year old girl who just awoke from a four year coma. Her favorite Teen Wolf pillows and covers surround her. But what does she find under the covers? A FULL GROWN BODY. What's the normal thing any girl would do? Scream bloody murder, obviously. She's practically the "new girl" at school now because her appearance changed so drastically. And guess who's interest she sparks? The freaking bad boy of the school as she would put it. He does everything to get her attention. It doesn't help that her parents make her hang out with him, telling her to get out there and make some friends. Will she do anything else than come back with a sarcastic remark? There's something she's not telling him. Will they tell each other all their secrets or betray each other behind their backs? Will she ignore him? Find out the despairs and adventures of Allison in Just a Matter of Time. +sorry for any grammar mistakes +this is my first story so sorry if it's bad +all rights go to me :) +comedy +friendship +romance Allison is played by Selena Gomez!!

Chapter 1: Am I Dead?

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Just a Ma...
by consumethefandoms