The Rogue Kitsune
By HysteriaDominion
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Naruto was kidnapped at birth by none other than Orochimaru, who merges him with the Kyuubi thence making Naruto the new Kyuubi no Kitsune. Naruto loves his master, Orochimaru, as a father. Naruto is Orochimaru's pet, you could say Orochimaru is the master and Naruto the dog. Naruto now has a fox form (he goes about waist high, to Orochimaru, with golden fur and a blood red cross on the middle of his chest, between the shoulder blades, but on the front). When in human form Naruto looks normal, despite his odd dojutsu going by the name of onigan, two blonde fox ears atop his head, and the nine blonde fox tails protruding from his lower back. When in fox and human form Naruto wears a collar. (Said collar is pitch black with a silver metal plate in the middle on the front -On the back is a metal buckle- On the metal plate is the Konoha symbol with a slash across it in the lower corner of the plate are the initials O.T. Standing for Orochimaru Tojiro).Naruto is sent on a mission to the leaf where he is to befriend Sasuke Uchiha and lead him to Orochimaru. Now Naruto must face people who claim to be his parents and siblings. However the only person he holds parently love for, is and forever will be Orochimaru, well that's what he thought...until he meets his little butterfly. DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto in any way shape or form however I own the plot this story and my OC's Tsuki and Taiyo WARNING:OOC-ness

Chapter 1

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The Rogue...
by HysteriaDominion