Stay. | c.h.
By I_Finally
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When you fall in love, it's something that captivates you. They are your first thought when you wake up, they are the first person you want to talk to when you hear good news or just simply want to be in their presence. And no matter what the other person did, the love you feel for them is never ending. That is the kind of love Calum and Elena had.. When Calum left, Elena was faced with something to deal with all on her own. She became a single mother, raising a beautiful baby girl. With the help of her strong mother and loving best friend. When Calum returns a year later from touring, the both of them are faced with challenges and decisions that could change their lives. Your first love never truly dies or goes away, those feelings will always be there somehow. *disclaimer: one direction is mentioned in this fic, Zayn is the lovable best friend and yes the one year old is VERY SMART FOR HER AGE BECAUSE THIS IS A FAN FICTION A GIBBERISH TALKING TODLER IS NOT GOOD QUALITY WRITING*

Stay. (Calum Hood Fanfiction)

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Stay. | c...
by I_Finally