He's Got a Love Lik...
By hobbity0923
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'There. It's done. I can walk away with my pride and the knowledge that after sixteen long years, I've finally gotten laid. (It's a pretty awesome feeling.) Before I go, though, I have to check and make sure that it's Pamela. Because let's face it: A guy has to know who he lost his V-card to. And just assuming that it was Pam isn't going to cut it. So I put the note and pen down and slowly, carefully, creep over to the ball of sheets. I was right to check. There's a tuft of white blonde hair sticking out from the top. Pamela's hair is auburn. The girl's hair is sort of short, I guess, but oh well. I slowly, carefully, lift a sheet, just to catch a glimpse of the person beneath... ...to see a guy. Looking at me calmly.'


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He's Got...
by hobbity0923