Blackest Days and D...
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My days are black because of the shadow of fear, and my nights dark because of what lies near. Through suffering, torture, and pain, I never knew the concept of having a loving family. Will a silver wolf be able to change that...or will it be to late? --------------------- Main Characters: Name: Jack Uley Age: 29 Ethnicity: Quileute Family: Sam Uley(younger brother—[22]), Emily (sister-in-law—[22]) Spouse: Buffy Griffin-Uley[26] played by Nicki Minaj Looks: 6"4'. Deep brown eyes. Dark brown hair. Light russet complexion. Medium muscle build. Looks like Tom Hardy. Background: Jack wasn't like his brother, Sam. Jack was a rough boy growing up and loved to pick on Sam when their mother wasn't around. Jack grew up hearing the legends believing them to be just that. Legends. He has no idea his brother is a shape shifter and an Alpha because he didn't inherit the genes like the others. After Jack graduated from high school at the age of 18, attended USC in California and four years later, met his soon-to-be wife Buffy, age 19, who majored Fine Art and minored in Latin. They fell in love (convinced) forced her to dropout when she became pregnant with twins. Nine months later Aurora and Aiden were born. Twelve months later they were married. For the first year, they lived in her apartment. The next year after making enough money, they had enough to buy a small house. For the next five years, they lived in their humble abode raising their kids. All was well until the beatings started fourth year of their seven year marriage. Started off with little things like slaps and shoves because of her making mistakes. Gradually they became more such as full on punches. Over the years, she got accustomed to it.

Old Beginnings

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