The Life of an Intr...
By Poodlesaurus
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If you're one of the quiet kids, and you like it that way, then you're not alone. So, what even is an introvert, you ask? Most of you probably heard this word at least once before. My guess is that if you have heard the word introvert, you may have heard it used to describe someone in a negative way. You might know an introvert as someone who is quieter or not as outgoing, but there is a little more to it than that. People often mistake introversion as shyness, social anxiety, or a mental illness, but introversion is actually none of these things. It is simply a personality trait. You can be an introvert and still be a happy, confident person. A lot of well-known people were introverts, like Einstein, Abe Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and even Lady Gaga (Yes, I said Lady Gaga). This book focuses on what my experiences as an introvert have been so far, and the positives of being an introvert. It also gets into some psychology and mental health. Coming from a shy person, I also hope to talk about how to deal with shyness and build self confidence, even though being shy and introverted aren't exactly the same thing. So come join the party! *Ahem* Sorry. I meant to say, come join the small, quiet gathering.

"Hey, you talk!"

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The Life...
by Poodlesaurus