Sinead- I had one t...
By Chinkstah
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Sinead had met her first real boyfriend through high school. They had stayed extremely strong through till college when he had suddenly left her stranded, hurt and confsued. With no warning he had packed all his things and disapeared for a year. He did come back though but she had then turned into a new Sinead. She found out the comfort of being loved. Why be loved by one when you could be loved by 3. But she soon grew up after her world came tumbling down and that one person then changed the rest of her life, she turned into such mature woman when her past then haunts her. People come to ruin what she now has sending her perfect life down a dark tunnel. Through all that she has been through you'd think she'd deserve the break but sometimes not everyone gets that happily ever after...

Sinead- I had one too many (intro)

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Sinead- I...
by Chinkstah