The Teesh Saga : Cu...
By FantasyWriterFK09
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[First in the Six book series] Far away from us, another world lies, which holds the things not seen by our eyes. A land where magic and sorcery was founded, a land where palaces are larger than mountains and a land where darkness fights flair, this story will take you there. An enchanted world which is crowded by different races experiences a war between two of the most powerful in them. The race of Forbedders is brutally killed by the race of Fisions, the world now is in the grip of the latter, but little do they know, one Forbedder still breethes. (Book-1 Curse of the Demolished Kingdom): Oliver, Lillian and Elena go for an adventure trip, but soon they find themselves immured in a place unknown to them, a place from where no man has walked out alive, a place which carries dangers beyond imagination. What is this place? Where is this place? Will they get out of there? Find out. Highest Ranking: #20 in Fantasy (28/8/16)

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The Teesh...
by FantasyWriterFK09