Finding Forgiveness...
By Lowkey_FT
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Romance/Adventure Story When Jellal and Erza decide to team up on a dangerous case together, they didn't realize how deeply they felt towards one another. This was going to be more than just any job for Erza as Jellal admits his true feelings towards her. She'll have to prove not only her physical strength, but also her emotional strength during this journey through madness and chaos. Will Erza's bond with Jellal be enough to keep them alive? Or will they loose their lives while fighting off evil? Warnings: Swearing, (lots of) Blood, Violence, Romance __________________________________________________________________________________ This is a Jerza fanfic, I do not own any of the original characters, as they belong solely to Hiro Mashima. Thanks for reading! None of the artwork is mine, credit to all the amazing artists who originally made them.

A Call for Help

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Finding F...
by Lowkey_FT