The Bad Boy Saw Me...
By Goobster
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"Olivia, we have a problem. I forgot to close the blinds." **** Evelyn Smith, the shy, book obsessed, A+ nerd. The self-conscious, but adorable girl. Scared to be around any boys, because she doesn't ever want to fall for someone. Doesn't want to get hurt. Tucker Kelley, the cocky, ever-so cliché bad boy teen girls drool over. The arrogant heart breaker, snapping girls feelings before you can say the word "hello." When Tucker moves in next door to Evelyn, will she be able to stay away from her new neighbor? What will happen when their moms become best friends and they begin to spend a lot of time together? Let's just say a lot of drama, heart break, panic attacks, anxiety, insecurities, and, to top it off, arguments. Many many arguments. What will Evelyn do when she begins to fall for Tucker? Will something spark up, or will Evelyn get hurt like every other girl in high school? WARNING: Strong language may be used in this story, and self harm may occur in later chapters. If you aren't worried, enjoy babes:) COPYRIGHT ©2016

chapter 1//sweetheart, we have new neighbors!

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The Bad B...
by Goobster