Road To Redemption...
By SallyMason1
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THIS IS BOOK III OF THE "LIVING WITH THE CHOICES WE MAKE" SERIES. THE BLURB BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE BOOKS IN SEQUENCE. It has been seven years since that fateful night that ended Brent Park's live and things have finally fallen into place for Rena Cooper. Her son is thriving, she has found a job she loves, and even on the relationship front, the horizon is bright and clear in front of her. Then a phone call changes it all. One final choice and she finds herself back in the midst of her nightmare -- but this time, the enemy has nothing to lose. Authors Note: This story contains topics about abuse and domestic violence. Please do not read this book if you find any of these topic disturbing. It is not designed to upset anyone but to raise awareness. Copyright@2018 by Sally Mason All rights reserved

1 - In Front of The Double Doors

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Road To R...
by SallyMason1