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By MatthewDavenport4
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The year is 2016 and spiritual activity has only been on a steady increase since the 80's. A lot has happened since those days, and the Ghostbusters have become a franchise. Enter Jordan Ross and Cynthia Palmer. One a paranormal investigator with big dreams, the other a former member of the military who is looking for direction in her life. When Iowa is struck with a ridiculously sharp increase in paranormal visitations they decide to invest in the franchise and spiritually bust some heads, and potentially turn a profit. Behind the scenes, a cult is clearing the path for the Akkadian God of Mischief, Erra. Can the newly formed Des Moines chapter of the Ghostbusters turn the tide on the paranormal wave hitting the midwest, or will the whole world succumb to the dastardly dealings of Erra and his minions. Ghostbusters: Des Moines was born out of my own Ghostbusters love and is what I would have wanted out of a reboot/sequel. In my perfect world, any sequel to the Ghostbusters movies lends itself toward being a hard hitting television series. In a similar manner to CSI, each major city would have their own franchise with different shows having crossovers. The team dynamic could be played with and changed. If you feel like writing a Ghostbusters for your city, please say so in the comments, I'd love to follow yours. My Ghostbusters: Des Moines is intended to be a serialized story with Episodes building into seasons. I'm working on episodes between working on chapters of some of my other works, and hope to put them out on a regular schedule. In the meantime, if you like my writing style, I have several published novels. Please check out

Episode 1 "Pilot"

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by MatthewDavenport4