Double Crossbow (Da...
By songbirdie
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❝When it was quiet, I didn't have to worry about a monster trying to make me its lunch. I did, however, have to worry about my wandering thoughts, and I'd have a different monster on my hands if I let them wander too far.❞ ↣ A virus has erupted, turning loved ones into mindless, ravenous, killers. Where the rest of the world sees madness, Kathryn Johnson sees opportunity. She runs from her immutable hell, disappearing into the trees of Northern Georgia. Little does Kathryn know, she hasn't escaped hell, rather swapped one for another. In a moment of unhampered curiosity, she stumbles upon a group that won't take no for an answer. Through these people, Kathryn finds herself examining the walls she's kept herself locked behind. After a lifetime of unknown, a question waits for her on the other side: Can the broken be fixed? ↣ { Featured in the @WalkingDeadRoadtoSurvival "Top Walking Dead Fanfiction" reading list } { ➊ The Walking Dead } { ➌ The Walking Dead Fanfiction } { ❺ Daryl Dixon }

↣ Prologue

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Double Cr...
by songbirdie