The Show Goes On
By hynabeana
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In 1987, Brandi Marciano turned 22, dropped out of college and went to work for the man who would ultimately become the biggest name in Wall Street anyone had ever heard. Brandi knew Jordan Belfort from the beginning to the end, but will she crack under the pressure when the FBI and Jordan's lies start closing in on their firm? And will Jordan face the truth about his illegal activity and everything else he'd been hiding from? Disclaimer: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL REFERENCES This is a fanfiction based off of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. My writing occasionally takes excerpts and elements from the main story, so take note that I am not attempting to plagiarize the script. [All rights reserved to Martin Scorsese and Jordan Belfort, Copyright 2013]

Taxi Cab 208: Manhattan

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The Show...
by hynabeana