The ones who loved
By Syds_Stuff
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In this book, Gon and Killua go to school. They are normal teenagers with the normal group of friends. With Kurapika as the class president and Leorio as the hall monitor. ~ There are some side characters that i created, I will also add your names if you'd like! ~ "I'm a loner" Killua hung his head upside down off the bed. Gon nodded in agreement and got a death glare. "You weren't supposed to agree with it!" Gon shook his head in disagreement. Killua face palmed. "Why aren't you talking?" Killua sat up. Gon raised his shoulders showing he said he doesn't know. Killua sighs and gets off the bed. "Maybe we'll find someone. I mean we gotta right?" Gon slowly nodded. Gon didn't feel like a loner or alone at all. He had Killua he loved all his friends but the feelings for Killua were different. When ever Killua touched him Gon felt something. The spot be touched stung. Like it needed more. ~ I do not own any of the characters from Hunter X Hunter. There re a few OC's ~ I hope you enjoy!

Killua and Gon

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The ones...
by Syds_Stuff