Dangerously Devoted
By RudelyxEnough
  • Action
  • devotion
  • loyalty
  • mafia
  • policeman
  • romance
  • thriller


South America was a country filled with criminals. But half of it was just a defense put up to hide what was a bit more exciting. The underground. That was where creatures thought to be only pure fantasy thrived and hid from the human eye. Her parents were one of the few exceptions. Becoming an orphan turned Myra Stone's life for the worst, it left her to fend for herself after she ran away from the orphanage she was put in. Living on the streets was terrible, traumatizing, and the worst few years of her life. When she's offered a family and a home, she doesn't hesitate to accept. Even if it comes with a downside. Loyalty was a strong trait in her. Years later, she finds herself part of one of the four most powerful families in the underworld. The Lealdede Family. Caught in the middle of a nasty mess between her family and a rivaling family, little Myra decides it's in her best interest to flee the scene. Although, when a certain blue-eyed huntsman decides to cross her path, she's more than curious. So, for once, her devotion becomes dangerously unstable. +++++ This book is NOT edited


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by RudelyxEnough