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Dune Quinn was brought to the future because of a prophecy that claimed he would be the one that would finally end the war between the St. Conians and the humans from earth. But he gets more than he bargained for. Technically he's still eighteen, no sorry twenty because he's been at the academy for two years already, but in the light of the humans he's 1086 years old and still as stunning and handsome, and as young as he was 1086 years ago. He's still got that blonde hair that blows the girls away, his charming and player attitude that he shared with John and the muscles that he earned from all those years in soccer, and not to mention all those scars from the fights he got into. And finally after spending two years in the hell hole of the 3098'th century Dune is being put onto a military force ship to defend his new found home. But before that he has to make Avery Nickels become his. Avery Nickels is a mysterious girl that joined the Urenic military force's academy two years before she should even have been able to. Whether that was because of her smarts or because of how well respected her parents were, well that's debatable. But what isn't debatable is her passion for the force and keeping her people alive. Avery's life seems perfect, she's got the guy she hates but actually loves at her side and her best friend Melissa along with Melissa's boyfriend at her side. But when Melissa's boyfriend Corbin's best friend finally drags himself away from the ladies to meet Avery it seems like everything will come crashing down because Avery has no such tolerance for such players. But she puts up with it only because there is the chance that by Friday she won't have to see his face for a long, long time.

Edogon Ch.1

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