L is for... (Lesbia...
By becauseimsecretlygay
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L is for...Lion? Laughing? Leonardo Dicaprio? For Sam Prince who aspires to be a teacher, L can stand for many things. Labrador, luxurious, lunatic. For her personally, L is for learning, library, lotus (that's the name of her cat) and lesbian. Because yes, Sam is gay, and no, it is not a big deal. And that's exactly the problem. When her sister Cameron came out as bigender, their parents celebrated the news like Cameron just discovered humans could live on Jupiter. And that's exactly why Sam doesn't want to come out, she doesn't want it to be a big deal. Out of a nasty break up that almost cost her her secret, and in with her rock n' roll schedule and very busy life, someone had to come and swoop in. Liv appears at the worst time, but maybe that's exactly how things had to be. Could L be for love, maybe? And what if L is for Liv?

Cameron's announcement

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L is for...
by becauseimsecretlygay