Fear Of Being With...
By sweetmano
  • Romance
  • action-adventure
  • comedy-romance
  • determined
  • frendships
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  • loneliness
  • mystery-thriller
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  • pain
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  • sadness
  • self-determination
  • selfdefence
  • suffering
  • sweet-romance


It's a story of Alina Hasan Randhawa 21 years old proud Muslim girl belonging to the background of Randhawa family. A student of Bachelor Business Administration (BBA), specializing in Marketing. She is a fun loving, caring and full of anger if it comes to something near rage. Her family is the backbone of her, supporting in every field of her life, whether it's her dreams or her educations. She is enthusiastic to be highly educated and make her family proud. Her biggest aim in her life is to join Army...but will Alina will be able to achieve her ambition? and even if she does what circumstances will make her do it? How will she deal with life? What will happen to her ambition? What makes her life upside down? Stay with Alina Hasan Randhawa to expolre her journey....

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Fear Of B...
by sweetmano