Seen Not Heard || B...
By gillioddities
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Idina Jennings lived in a house of war in Texas. When her mother escapes with her to New York, her first day brings a familiar face, Lucas Friar, an old friend and crush. She is just trying to keep her head low but is overwhelmed by past memories. She meets his friends, with whom she connects instantly, but then she meets Farkle. She instantly tries to stop herself from falling for the cute geek, but somehow cannot stop her heart. How will she deal with new friends, crushes, enemies, and a whole new life? (*I don't own GMW or the characters, only my OC's, like Idina) {Book 1 in SNH Series} TOP RANKING ⇨ #1 in #farkleminkus (as of 5/27/18)! This book has been unedited since 2016!

Pompeii - My Salvation

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Seen Not...
by gillioddities